Sunday, November 27, 2011

November and December Squirrel Hunting

Squirrel hunting in the November and December can be a great chance to get out and work on training a new dog, introducing a youngster to hunting, friendly competition among friends, or just a day in the woods. Recently there was a thread on about a person wondering if people really ate squirrels. The short of the story is that they are very good to eat and with the lack of cover for them in the trees this time of year can be a very exciting day of hunting.

If you are like almost everyone I know the days you choose to go hunting for one type of critter over another you see the type of critter you choose not to hunt. This happens all the time for example today was the last day of firearms season in Indiana so we made one last effort to fill a couple tags instead of just letting it go until muzzleloader season. The weather was steady rain all day who would think that the squirrels would move? You guessed it they where everywhere, didn't even bring the 22 for squirrels just in case. The count of them today was somewhere north of 30, deer on the other hand a two year old could of kept the count for the day.

Below is a compilation of great websites for information on hunting and cooking squirrels

Hunting (All the info you ever needed about squirrel dogs)

Squirrel Recipes ( not just squirrel recipes),1-0,squirrel,FF.html

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